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Is it safe to vape?

WaaaaaaAa Vaping has become a fad too big to ignore. By one estimate, some 35 million people vape. Roughly 14 million of those individuals live in the US, and over 3 million are middle or high school students. US teens are even vaping more than they’re having sex. Since they came on the market, e-cigarettes have been positioned as an alternative […]

What is vaping, actually?

Vaping is actually a misnomer.   Vapes deliver nicotine or cannabis without the smoke characteristic of cigarettes, but not as vapor, or gas: A puff contains aerosolized particles of liquid suspended in air. In addition to the nicotine found in e-cigarettes, or cannabis products found in other vapes, the liquid cocktail in vape cartridges may contain […]

Cannabis industry calls for legalization and regulation to snuff out underground vapes

Cannabis industry calls for legalization and regulation to snuff out underground vapes By Alicia Wallace, CNN Business Updated 1530 GMT (2330 HKT) September 13, 2019 China waives tariffs on some US goods San Francisco (CNN Business)The recent rash of vaping-related illnesses and deaths could represent a crisis for the legal cannabis industry, which relies on vaping for an […]

Marijuana vapes safe from e-cigarette ban; face national scrutiny for lung illness

1331.2kshares By Amy Biolchini | abiolch1@mlive.com Marijuana vape pens are safe from bans on flavored e-cigarettes recently announced by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and subsequently President Donald Trump — but they are facing their own set of issues. Whitmer and Trump are trying to address a growing health epidemic of young people vaping by banning the sales of […]

MDHHS investigating reports of respiratory illnesses linked to e-cigarettes and vaping

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency has not issued any warnings or recalls in association with state or national investigations into respiratory illness from marijuana vape products. “Consumer safety is always of primary concern to the MRA,” the Marijuana Regulatory Agency said in a statement. “We are monitoring the issue and communicating with public health officials as […]